UK Equatoria Community Welcomes Compromise Peace Agreement

Press Release
Press Release

Equatoria Community in UK welcomes the recently signed peace agreement and congratulates IGAD+ for successfully steering negotiations to a successful conclusion whilst cautioning against complacency.

Press Release

Date: 31st August 2015

Re: Our Response to the Recent Signed Compromise Peace Agreement

The Equatorian Community in the United Kingdom congratulates IGAD PLUS for their relentless efforts to bring the warring parties to a negotiated settlement of the conflict in South Sudan.

We expect the power sharing ratio allocated to each party to reflect the three South Sudanese regions of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile, as per Section 10.5.2 of the agreement. This is the only way forward for a sustainable peace and development in our country.

We call upon the UN Security Council to implement sanctions against any party that undermines the peace agreement.

In conclusion, we urge IGAD PLUS and the United Nations to continue supporting the people of South Sudan by ensuring that the signed peace accord is fully implemented as scheduled for the common good of the people of South Sudan and the region.

Federico Awi Vuni
Chairman, Equatorian Community in the UK