Tractors! What Tractors?

Belarus Tractor

Confusion reigns supreme when government spin doctors get themselves in a bit of a spin over the President’s ‘donation’ of 1000 tractors to the nation.


OK, Mr President has donated 1,000 tractors to the Republic. A great message that helps underscore the importance of agriculture to our nation – especially seeing as it’s come out of the bosses own pocket. This is good leadership.

But hold up, what’s the Presidential Press Secretary Ateny Wek Ateny saying?

The president is the one who did this. He made the donation to South Sudan. That is the president – the president’s office.

Erm .. so he used public money (that’s mine & yours) to buy 1,000 tractors which he then graciously donates to us!

OK, a simple misunderstanding. The Mr President has procured 1,000 tractors for the Republic. Better check your spelling in the future SSTV, these mistakes can be confusing sometimes.

Wait a minute … what’s the Minister of Defense & Veterans Affairs Kuol Manyang Juk saying about that money?

The Ministry of Finance will refund this money to the pension fund of SPLA.

Oh dear. Is he saying we owe our veterans & their widows for purchasing the tractors? Now what did I hear the War Disabled, Widows & Orphans Commission Chairman, Deng Dau explain a few weeks ago?

Daily we normally received individual cases that are seeking for support particularly the majority of them are widows because they don’t have anything of salary in the payroll

Widows & orphans are already going without any assistance, now we’re dipping into the pension fund? Is there enough in the pension pot to make this loan? Is there interest to be paid? How long is the repayment period?

OK. I’m feeling uneasy, but let’s put this to one side for the moment. We have tractors! Let’s celebrate! How can I book some time for a tractor?

Pardon me? What’s National Agriculture Minister Beda Machar saying about this?

Each state will take as per now 30 tractors each and then when they prepare themselves it will go to more than 100 tractors.

Alright, 300 tractors will be issued to the states and 700 will go into storage. Is that next to the 600 that was purchased several years ago? Because with meagre allocations to states it’s going to take a while to setup those centres needed to maintain and supply the tractors with fuel. And if what I hear is correct, he won’t be releasing more tractors until they are.

That’s fine. There will be 30 tractors in my state. I may have to wait a little bit longer before I can access them. I also need time to get my hands on some fuel. Very tricky these days. So, where do I sign up to waiting list?

Excuse me. What is this? Journalists are reporting that Beda as saying the tractors will only be distributed to farmers unions directly controlled by the government!

Ah! I give up ya jamaa!