Dialogue in the Two Sudans

September 5, 2017 jacobl 0

Since independence, national dialogues have been repeatedly invoked by successive administrations to resolve Sudan’s armed conflicts. What lessons are there for South Sudan’s own process? […]

Da pacem Domine! In diebus nostris.

Peace for our Time

April 30, 2016 jacobl 0

With the formation of the transitional government of national unity (TGoNU) there is growing optimism and genuine celebration across most sections of South Sudanese society […]

Peace with reservations

Peace With Reservations

September 22, 2015 jacobl 0

So our government is insisting on its reservations to the Compromise Peace Agreement being accepted. Here is my own light-hearted interpretation of the sixteen objections. […]

Citizen For Peace

Citizens for Peace

September 15, 2015 jacobl 0

Citizens for Peace is a campaign I launched across Twitter and Facebook to promote and educate citizens about the Compromise Peace Agreement. Thousands were reached. […]