An all too familiar sight

Banning Plastic Bags in Bor

September 28, 2015 jacobl 0

As increasing numbers of South Sudanese move into our major population centres, introducing effective municipal waste management policies has become more important than ever before. […]

Peace with reservations

Peace With Reservations

September 22, 2015 jacobl 0

So our government is insisting on its reservations to the Compromise Peace Agreement being accepted. Here is my own light-hearted interpretation of the sixteen objections. […]

A Paradise Lost?

A Shattered Peace

September 21, 2015 jacobl 0

The crackdown in Equatoria threatens not only the civilians caught up in the violence but also the promise of a sustainable peace in South Sudan. […]

Image courtesy of Sajjad Sherally Fazel

Rivers of Honey

September 17, 2015 jacobl 0

Who needs oil when we have honey. South Sudan’s lush greenbelt forests raise the promise of ‘rivers of honey’ fuelling a potentially lucrative export market. […]

Citizen For Peace

Citizens for Peace

September 15, 2015 jacobl 0

Citizens for Peace is a campaign I launched across Twitter and Facebook to promote and educate citizens about the Compromise Peace Agreement. Thousands were reached. […]

South Sudanese Cattle

Cattle: Our Illiquid Assets

September 14, 2015 jacobl 0

In South Sudan cattle outnumber people, giving us an exciting opportunity to develop an export market. But are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices? […]

Economic Turmoil

Banking in Crisis

September 1, 2015 jacobl 0

The Central Bank of South Sudan (CBOSS) is running out of money and this spells trouble for our country’s banking sector and the wider economy. A […]